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Executive Leadership


Christopher Conway

Chief Development Officer

Chris brings 30+ years of hands-on operational experience, extensive industry contacts and a focused vision to the firm. He has spent the majority of his career as a senior executive and principal of five life settlement companies playing key managerial roles in each of these businesses. Chris’ background includes spearheading efforts to develop scalable systems, designing, developing and refining workflows, recruiting and training key personnel, and positioning and marketing life settlement companies. His role at ISC is to develop new business, manage client relationships, and promote the firm’s growth strategy. Chris is a frequent moderator and speaker at industry events, a member of the Board of Directors of LISA, and ISC’s industry representative at ELSA.  


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Industry Insights & Expertise

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Michael Graviss

Chief Operating Officer

Mike brings more than 20 years of life insurance and financial services industry experience to ISC Services. He has a combination of both front-end distribution experience coupled with operational positions in a relevant, back-office environment. That breadth of experience includes entrepreneurial, managerial and consultative projects and roles. Mike coordinates and manages the overall administration of the company’s operations including production, information technology, human resources, finance, compliance, customer service and vendor relationships. 


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