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Personalized Life Expectancy Analysis To Stand Out From the Crowd

Build financial plans with confidence. The first step of any accurate financial plan is knowing how long the plan needs to last.  A life expectancy assessment based on individualized underwriting and analysis will do just that leading to better client data reports.

At ISC Services, we know the challenges that face the financial services industry. There are numerous approaches a financial advisor can take when creating retirement planning strategies. Our goal is simple: empower financial advisors.

Our life expectancy reports mitigate risk and improve predictability. These reports are based on numerous data points including medical records, life style factors, and more.  Each data point is then applied to a unique algorithm created by expert life underwriters to create a completely customized life expectancy analysis, far exceeding in accuracy compared to your average life expectancy calculator.

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Why ISC Services?

Providing Accurate Life Data Since 2005

Given an ever-changing landscape, financial advisors want to establish trust with their clients and set them up for financial success throughout retirement and the rest of their lives. To do this, planners need life expectancy assessments based on each unique individual and their specific circumstances. The financial planning marketplace is a competitive and dynamic environment and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. ISC Services provides you with a unique perspective so you can plan and advise with confidence and conviction.

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