Accurate Life Data

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Life Settlement Industry

Accurate life expectancy underwriting and analysis.

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Senior Living Industry

Research-driven life expectancy assessments for the senior living sector.

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Financial Advisors

Accurate life expectancy analysis to better plan for your clients’ futures.

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Accuracy Matters

Accurate life expectancy underwriting and analysis.

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Lives Take Turns

Are You Considering All the Angles?

Since 2005, ISC Services has specialized in providing accurate life expectancy (“LE”) reports and scalable underwriting solutions using a sound, research-driven life insurance underwriting process. We strive to employ the latest developments in life underwriting and provide our partners with reliable information they can use to make better decisions and advise their customers.

Our life expectancy underwriting services are available via subscription or on-demand.

Quality You Can Count On

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Smart, Scalable Solutions

ISC offers individualized life expectancy underwriting and analysis for life settlement companies, financial advisors, and the senior living industry. Our team goes above and beyond to put accurate longevity risk analyses at your fingertips. Our reports are based on in-depth research, a proprietary process, and decades of professional experience in the longevity risk marketplace.

ISC Solutions: Accurate Life Data

ISC for Life Settlementsfor Life Settlements

Partner with ISC for consistently reliable life underwriting services and life expectancy assessments.

ISC for Senior Livingfor Senior Living

Get the information you need to accurately assess longevity risk on an individual and population basis.

ISC for Financial Advisorsfor Financial Advisors

At the core of any comprehensive financial plan is an individualized, research-driven life expectancy assessment.

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