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ISC Services understands you rely on accurate, individualized life expectancy assessments to improve your business and the lives of those you serve. We offer a meticulously designed, client-focused, and research-driven methodology to deliver life expectancy assessments that meet the needs of your platform and your industry. We leverage our decades of experience and time-tested methodologies to produce an accurate life expectancy underwriting report for every individual we evaluate. We are proud to work alongside life settlement companies, financial advisors, and the senior living industry, to offer individualized, accurate, evidence-based underwriting to address their unique needs.

Well-Rounded Services, Disciplined Processes, and Insider Awareness of Your Unique Market

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Reliable Information for Life Settlement Companies

Get the answers you need and results you can trust with innovative, time-tested assessment processes.

From life expectancy reports, and life settlement underwriting reviews, to other life underwriting services, ISC Services helps mitigate your risk, with peerless analysis derived from the use of innovative automation, the application of cutting-edge underwriting technologies, and experienced analysis by highly-trained experts. Stand out from your competition with subscription-based, LE assessments that offer you greater accuracy than generic, online calculators and unproven ideas.

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The Tools and Technologies Financial Professionals Need to Plan With Confidence

Access accurate information to navigate financial uncertainty, limit liability, and help your clients plan.

Gain greater clarity in an ever-changing world with cutting-edge technologies engineered to accurately measure and mitigate risks. Reduce uncertainty in planning for retirement and the future through the use of individualized, accurate life expectancy analysis, and life underwriting services. Life expectancy assessments and life underwriting services can provide you with the precise, current and individualized information you need to make confident, evidence-based recommendations for your client’s financial planning purposes.

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Insights to Help You Qualify Prospective Residents and Manage Your Senior Living Company

Position your facility for growth and stay ahead of the competition while building trusted client relationships from the first point of contact.

Obtain the critical information you need to lead your operation to a brighter, well-planned tomorrow. Choosing the right residents for your facility should not be left to chance. Give yourself and your prospective residents’ peace of mind for the future through the use of individualized, research-driven life expectancy reports. Accurate LE assessments support your efforts to ensure that your senior living community is the best long-term fit for your potential clients.

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