Improved Life Expectancy Assessments For Senior Living

Underwriting assessments for more comprehensive and accurate risk evaluation.

To make the most informed decisions concerning longevity risk, whether it’s for individuals (“micro-longevity”) or the population of a particular facility, senior living companies should rely on a time-tested and thoughtful underwriting approach to assessing longevity risk. Generic calculators, overly broad population studies, and general population statistics (“macro-longevity”) are simply not as useful when it comes to evaluating selected individuals or smaller populations. Professionally underwritten life expectancy evaluations give senior living businesses the information they need to assess longevity risk for each individual and fine-tune their planning for and use of critical resources. ISC Services specializes in evaluating “micro-longevity risk”, that is the risk associated with specific individual’s life expectancy. Each ISC report is based on a consistent, time-tested methodology applied to each individual subject’s personal health history, so you can guide the planning process with greater confidence.

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Demographic Shifts and an Increased Need for Services Based on Accurate Information

Senior Living is poised for ever-increasing growth and generally higher demand, but to serve the needs of this burgeoning marketplace, a more precise approach to managing longevity risk is needed.

There are more and more options available to consumers than ever before, which means your operation needs reliable and useful information to help plan for the future and be better equipped to manage resources efficiently. ISC Services offers accurate, thorough, individualized life expectancy assessments and life underwriting services to support you and your clientele. When a prospective resident is finally ready to commit to your facility, make sure your commitments can be met by assessing the long-term implications of individual life expectancy in a concise and consistent format you can use to make sound decisions.

Are you ready to learn how life expectancy analysis can benefit your senior living operation? Do you still have questions? Reach out to the ISC Services team today.

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Accurate Life Expectancy Data and Reliable Reporting for Senior Living

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with objective information to help you make the right decision and improve lead acquisition.

ISC Services offers focused solutions to help you manage the rising costs of resident acquisition in a competitive senior living market. Using a comprehensive, knowledge-based underwriting methodology with a proven track record of success in evaluating the senior population based on health and financial data, ISC can help you guide your clients through the years ahead with greater certainty.

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