ISC Services provides scalable, evidence-based life expectancy assessments and underwriting for life insurance, life settlements, financial advisors, and the senior living industry.

ISC Services is committed to growing its platform to meet the needs of its clients. Providing customized life expectancy underwriting services over time is a critical part of that.

Periodic life expectancy underwriting leverages the power of real-time data to regularly update assessments and rapidly track and report on relevant risks associated with individual lives, while saving clients money and time.

Planning for retirement is not just a financial decision; it’s also a deeply personal one. By providing your clients with individualized life expectancy assessments, you gain credibility and an easier way to explain complex investment strategies tied to the client’s specific circumstances. Plus, a personal life expectancy assessment provides you and your client with the clarity and insight you need to establish realistic financial goals.

ISC Services values expediency in addition to accuracy. Our process is methodical, thorough, consistent, data-driven, and designed to provide you with a complete report in 5 to 10 business days.

Our underwriting experts comb through hundreds of data points to provide you with the most accurate assessment. View a sample life expectancy assessment.

In a growing crowd of competitors in the senior care industry, we know that detailed, fast reporting is more important than ever. ISC Services gives you all the information you need, scales alongside you, and offers reports in just 5 to 10 days, so you can follow up with leads, build relationships, gain credibility as a facility, and run a more efficient community.

No two people are alike, and no two life expectancy assessments should be alike either. Using online life expectancy models does not take into affect every data point that is necessary to create an accurate assessment.

ISC’s team of experts creates unique assessments tailored to each individual to help you mitigate risk and create realistic longevity assessments.

Not only do we bring a combined 80+ years of experience to our work, but we also foster an underwriting-centric approach to produce a comprehensive risk assessment for each individual life. All data is evaluated by trained, experienced, and credentialed longevity underwriting professionals. We hold ourselves to the highest standards while continually seeking to improve our processes as medical science changes and life underwriting evolves.

At ISC Services, we place as much importance on customer service as we do on the quality of our work product. To us, life expectancy underwriting is more than a product—it’s a critical part of your business and a crucial part of your client’s life.

Additionally, we bring our extensive experience, our entrepreneurial spirit, and technology-driven solutions together to continuously improve the way we serve you and your clients.