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Life expectancy assessments based on individualized underwriting and analysis for financial advisors and their clients.

Financial advisors rely on accurate data to effectively plan for their clients’ futures. From personal goals to market metrics, each individual’s current financial situation and unique history represent critical data points and play a crucial role in creating a financial plan that makes sense as your clients look to the future. Learn how to better serve your clients by helping them plan for the long term using a time-tested, objective, and research-based methodology to assess longevity risk that is customized to each client’s individual situation.

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Pragmatic Life Expectancy Insights to Help You Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Advisors need life expectancy information to enhance their credibility and add precision and focus to each client’s retirement plan.

Accurate life expectancy assessments can support sound, realistic decision-making, including product selection, tax, income, health care and other financial planning decisions.

Given an ever-changing landscape, financial advisors want to establish trust with their clients and set them up for financial success throughout their lives. To do this, planners need life expectancy assessments based on each unique individual and their specific circumstances. The financial planning marketplace is a competitive and dynamic environment and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. ISC Services provides you with a unique perspective so you can plan and advise with confidence and conviction.

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Industry Insights & Expertise

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Personalized Life Expectancy Analysis

Knowledge that helps you suggest the best financial products and solutions to your clients.

Most current life expectancy underwriting is constrained by two primary issues: (1) a misunderstanding of what life expectancy or “LE” is, and (2) a failure to take into account each individual client’s ability to change their lifestyle. As a result, other life expectancy services tend to use population data and other generic assumptions to assess mortality risk. The results can fall short of an individualized, in-depth look at each client’s specific circumstances.

At ISC Services, we can help you resolve these issues. We provide individualized underwriting solutions designed to mitigate the risk of generic, population-based approaches, thereby allowing you to offer the best solutions and products to meet your clients’ specific long-term goals.

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