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Accurate, the Way Life Should Be

ISC Services provides life expectancy estimates, life underwriting services, and underwriting reviews for life settlement companies, financial advisors, and the senior living industry. With over 80 years of combined experience in the fields of life insurance, life underwriting, and life settlements, we pair accurate longevity risk analysis and reporting with something you don’t often find in the world of life expectancy estimation, thoughtful, experience-based insight applied by trained experts.

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Our Approach

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Executive Leadership

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Accurate Life Data

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Your Data-Driven Risk Assessment Partner

ISC provides accurate, useful life expectancy assessments.

ISC Services’ vision is to pursue the evolution of micro-longevity underwriting by extending the use of life expectancy assessments across industries that serve the senior care market. We employ highly credentialed underwriting professionals, rigorously tested methodologies, and modern technology to provide you with life expectancy evaluations you can trust.


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Who We Are

Professionals committed to excellence.

ISC Services was founded in 2005 by a seasoned consulting actuary and underwriter with the goal of establishing and promoting a rational approach to estimating individual life expectancy. We call it micro-longevity risk, and it’s our expertise. We’re still committed to the pursuit of high-quality life underwriting, through the implementation of the right measure of technology applied by trained experts to create actionable information our clients can use to improve their business outcomes.


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When Accuracy and Consistency Matter Most

We are your partner in pursuit of precision.

At ISC Services, we understand that you are relying on a correct, consistent approach to life underwriting and life expectancy assessment to make critical business decisions for your business and your clients. We apply our ability to assess longevity risk with your in-depth knowledge about your unique circumstances to support your operations and enhance your outcomes.


Industry Insights & Expertise

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