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Our Proven Approach

Where Knowledge and Service Converge

Life underwriting and life expectancy assessment are often viewed as being solely about a calculation or a data point and nothing more. At ISC Services, we recognize the need for a deeper understanding of longevity risk is as important as reliable information and accurate analysis. Our objective is to be as accurate as possible and provide our services as expeditiously as possible. To achieve this goal, we know we need to truly understand each subject life's individual circumstances. We produce thorough, thoughtful, and concise reports that you can use to make sound, business-critical decisions.

our approach-professional processes

Professional Processes and Individualized Skills

ISC Services offers comprehensive, useful, quality reports and unparalleled, responsive services.

Our team is comprised of highly credentialed, deeply experienced longevity underwriting professionals with direct, relevant training and the skill necessary to accurately assess individual longevity risk (i.e., micro-longevity). We underwrite individuals for the senior living, financial planning, and life settlement markets. Our scalable processes produce consistent, useful, evidence-based risk assessments our clients can use to drive their businesses forward. We believe underwriting assessments are more than just a product. They are a crucial source of actionable information that can have a profound effect on real peoples' lives. At ISC Services, we are committed to redefining the concepts of scalability, quality, and service in the markets we serve.


Industry Insights & Expertise

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Proven Methodologies and a Consistent Approach

Our ability to serve you starts with credible information and an understanding of your goals, your business, and your needs.

Underwriting services and life expectancy assessments must evolve and change with the times. ISC Services offers an unmatched ability to scale and grow with you, thanks to our rigorous discipline, personalized services, and rational, evidence-based processes. Our successful approach is based on real-life experience, and a focus on being able to expand the scope, scale, and impact of our work.


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