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Life expectancy and longevity risk analysis for life settlements.

Detailed, research-driven information is necessary when assessing micro-longevity risk in the life settlement marketplace. At ISC Services, our life expectancy reports, underwriting audits, and comparative underwriting analyses home in on the key factors you focus on to make decisions with confidence. We combine a time-tested, consistent methodology with the expertise of our professional team of underwriters to accurately assess each individual insured we evaluate.


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When You Want to Understand the Risk You're Taking

ISC provides thoughtful, consistent, experience-driven life expectancy underwriting solutions.

In the life settlement industry, market participants need to understand an insured’s life expectancy in order to evaluate the longevity risk associated with the transactions in which they are involved. ISC’s LE reports are produced by our expert team of underwriters with decades of experience in assessing individual or “micro-longevity risk.” Work with us by ordering a single life expectancy report for your important cases or receive discounts and other benefits associated with being an ISC Subscriber.

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Industry Insights & Expertise

Hear from industry professionals and gain critical insights on life settlement underwriting, assessing micro-longevity risk,

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Thoughtful, Comprehensive, Actionable LE Reports

Supporting the needs of the life settlement industry with thorough, consistent, concise assessments.

ISC Services offers the support you need for clear, focused, and useful LE reports backed by a sound, research-driven methodology. Contact ISC Services today to learn how we can support your life settlement underwriting needs.


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