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Industry-Specific Underwriting and Life Expectancy Services Supported by Rigorous Discipline and Time-Tested Methodologies

ISC Services provides life expectancy assessments, life underwriting services, and life settlement underwriting reviews that go beyond spreadsheets, simple calculators, and raw data. We focus on each unique individual, pouring over every available detail to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and produce a concise, actionable assessment. Our approach acknowledges the value of a consistent methodology applied by experienced experts to generate an individualized, accurate, and thoughtful analysis you can trust.

Services Tailored to Your Industry

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Bringing the Value of Experience Back to Life Underwriting

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Time-tested Methodologies Produce Accurate Reports

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Fast, Evidence-based Services to Protect Your Business

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Individualized Life Expectancy Underwriting

Industry expertise and accurate analysis centered around real people.

Life expectancy underwriting is more than a product. Each assessment is a unique reflection of the individual human being evaluated. You need consistent, focused, and reliable reports supported by solid evidence to make business-critical decisions and plan for the future. Since no two people are alike, no two life expectancy reports should be alike. We provide you with actionable, individualized reports you can use in your financial advisory practice, as a senior living operator, and to facilitate life settlement transactions. Plus, our processes are designed to grow with you, so you always have the support you need, no matter the size or scale of your business.


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Precise, Carefully-Curated Reports

Research-driven underwriting for accurate results.

Life expectancy assessments, life settlement underwriting reviews, and life underwriting generally should be specifically focused on each individual subject. Assessments must be accurate, consistent, and useful to the client.

At ISC Services, our experienced, highly-credentialed underwriting team sifts through large volumes of information about each individual subject and applies our time-tested, thoughtful methodology to assess risk and deliver life expectancy assessments you can use with confidence. Make the most of our research-driven process to transform the way you evaluate your critical decisions about longevity risk.


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Expedient, Scalable Life Underwriting Services

Efficient underwriting to accelerate your business.

Life expectancy and longevity risk are integral to the decisions you make every day. Obtaining this information shouldn’t slow you down or impede your business’ operations. Your busy, demanding schedule means you need fast, efficient, and precise information to efficiently manage time and provide your clients with the answers they need. What’s more, ISC Services offers valuable resources including our blog, press releases, responses to frequently asked questions, and more to help you get started and provide you with current information about the world of longevity risk.


Industry Insights & Expertise

Stay informed and at the forefront of developments in the world of micro-longevity. Follow our blog!

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