Personalized Life Expectancy Assessments Offer Strategic Understanding for Senior Living Facilities

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“The time has come for senior living management teams to recognize the immense value of knowing the life expectancy of their residents.”

In the life settlement sector, life expectancy analyses crafted to be individualized, rather than generalized ZIP code-based assessments, to provide critical knowledge of micro-longevity risk, rather than macro-longevity risk. By comprehending and utilizing the concept of micro-longevity risk, which relates to the life expectancy of a particular individual, retirement community operators can make data-driven and strategic choices, leading to improved financial results.

VIDEO: Macro vs Micro Longevity: The Differences in Life Expectancy Calculations

Lately, there has been an increased emphasis on the impact of data and analytics on senior living. Including that data and insights into health conditions can improve the resident’s experience, overall improving the performance of the facility.

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