The Importance of Accurate Life Expectancy Reports in Life Settlements

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If there’s anything constant in life it’s change. When you’re helping a client decide whether or not to pursue a life settlement, it’s important to get an accurate picture of your client’s current life expectancy based on their current medical information. A life expectancy assessment (also known as an LE report or life expectancy report), provides you with a current, accurate snapshot of your client’s health based on their unique medical history.

Life expectancy estimation reports represent a comprehensive analysis of your client’s potential life span by assigning them a mortality rating, which is then used to calculate a projected life expectancy. With the most accurate life expectancy information, you can help your client decide whether to explore a life settlement and secure the highest offer possible for their unwanted or unneeded life insurance policy.

Bringing the Value of Experience to Life Expectancy Reports

To obtain a detailed picture of your client’s individual life expectancy, you need more than a basic life expectancy calculator or a generic life expectancy table — you need a team of trusted underwriters with expertise in micro-longevity risk assessment. Although life expectancy calculators can be accurate, without the proper inputs they are useless. . Without underwriters, even the best life expectancy calculators can’t take into account the essential information that could significantly change the outcome of a life settlement.

At ISC Services, life expectancy underwriting is more than a calculation. Each assessment we issue is a unique reflection of an individual life that helps you develop a comprehensive picture of your client’s probable life expectancy. Instead of relying on technology alone to determine this crucial metric, you can leverage the power of an experienced underwriting company to give you complete confidence in your determination.

Longevity Risk: The Critical Variable of a Life Settlement

When assessing life settlement candidates, our underwriters focus on longevity risk,  the most important risk factors affecting a life settlement transaction. In fact, improper analysis of your client’s projected longevity can create a considerable difference in the valuation of their life insurance policy. That is why qualified underwriters dedicate themselves to using a consistent methodology to determine life expectancy and issue detailed life expectancy reports. A risk assessment approach produces more consistent results than mere life expectancy calculators alone because expertly trained underwriters apply both a host of proprietary resources and years of experience throughout the underwriting process to ensure accuracy.

The Value of Subscription-Based Underwriting Services

Our processes are designed to grow with you. As your business grows, you’ll need the proper support to access quality LE assessments on a larger scale. By taking advantage of economies of scale, you can use a subscription-based LE underwriting service to effectively produce multiple life expectancy screenings more affordably than paying for each assessment individually. As part of this service, our team of underwriters can provide you with detailed life expectancy reports at scale on a regular basis.

Simply Having a Life Expectancy Report is Not Enough

A basic life expectancy calculation may be the starting point, but to assess a life insurance policy accurately and help clients generate the most money from ar sale, a deeper understanding of your client’s health is required. It’s important to go beyond the simple calculators and generic life expectancy tables and generate evidence-based assessments that accurately reflect your client’s specific situation. Just as you wouldn’t use only the average values of the (very different) houses on either side of yours to generate your asking price, you shouldn’t depend on a generic, non-specific calculation to determine the value of your client’s policy.  Such an approach simply doesn’t consider all the factors that might influence your client’s life expectancy.

We all know that one of the only constants in life is change. To stay current with your life expectancy estimates, it’s important to rely on a team of professional underwriters that know the industry and can deliver assessments that accurately represent your client’s current condition. . When you’re looking for someone to handle your life expectancy underwriting, consider ISC Services. Our team of underwriters is highly-credentialed, expertly trained professionals with extensive experience in longevity and mortality underwriting and access to the most robust tools in the industry. We offer both a la carte and subscription-based life expectancy report services to meet your needs and are dedicated to helping you serve your clients with the highest standards possible.

Contact us to find out more about how our life expectancy reports can make it easier for you to determine your client’s life settlement eligibility—and get the numbers—and the life settlement offers—right.