Financial Tools for Advisors that Save Time and Money for You and Your Clients

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When it comes to managing your client’s wealth, the truth is in the numbers, and organization is your best friend. There is a lot of information to integrate, and situations constantly change. Clients switch jobs, homes, relationships, and more. Without the proper support, you may find it challenging to keep up with your client’s finances, or worst of all, misappropriate funds.

That’s where proper financial management and time management tools come in. With their increased efficiencies, you can work smarter and not harder, and provide a level of service that keeps your customers happy and your work organized. Two such excellent tools to manage client wealth are eMoney and Wrike.

eMoney: Money Management Tools for Financial Advisors

eMoney software gives financial advisors access to an all-in-one financial management suite that’s designed to build client relationships and foster the growth of client accounts. These tools enable you to help clients plan effectively for their futures by creating engaging and streamlined financial plans.

When you work with the eMoney platform, you’ll access wealth management tools that help you:

  • Create foundational and advanced plans for the future
  • Bring client conversations to life through a collaborative user experience
  • Manage your practice with data-driven analytics and compliance and risk management
  • Streamline your tech stack by integrating with popular platforms
  • Grow client accounts and relationships with self-guided prospecting and digital marketing tools 

With eMoney, you receive the support you need to provide next-level service for your clients through simplified software. 

Wrike: Time Management Tools to Boost Performance

Wrike time and project management software offers solutions to keep your team working at peak performance while reducing stress in the workplace. Wrike’s intuitive tools keep you organized so you can stay focused on your clients.

The easy-to-use platform gives you the power to:

  • Track team projects and efficiency through simple reports
  • Manage your team’s workload with easy time and effort tracking
  • Integrate and automate the apps your team already uses to create a customized app suite
  • Take control of security with enterprise-grade data encryption

Implementing Wrike at your financial advisory agency will upgrade your team’s work experience, keep you organized, and deliver substantial time savings.

ISC Services: Life Expectancy Assessments to Plan for the Future

At ISC Services, we provide you with another tool that can vastly help your clients pinpoint their investment horizon timeline and manage cash/retirement spend-down. Our LE assessments, or life expectancy reports, give you essential and often overlooked, information about your client’s health of projected lifespan, a critical factor in long-range planning. We use evidence-based insights to better understand your client’s longevity risk and plan for the future. 

By partnering with us, we can help you clarify your clients’ future financial pictures by:

  • Using an underwriting-centric approach that emphasizes comprehensive risk assessment
  • Customizing underwriting services to meet your clients’ needs
  • Providing life expectancy reports you can use to integrate your client’s health information with their financial data
  • Offering continual assessment services to create an accurate profile that evolves with your client’s changing situation

Using these underwriting services you can provide your clients with critical peace of mind about their current financial situation and how to take steps toward a secure future. 

Work With ISC to Secure Your Client’s Financial Future

At ISC, we know experience is a critical part of creating a life expectancy assessment. It is necessary to rely on risk evaluations and medical data, but there are a myriad of complex interactions our underwriters often must consider when evaluating and formulating an accurate life expectancy assessment.

Our skilled underwriting team has deep experience in longevity/mortality underwriting processes, and we constantly pursue improvement and adaptation based on extensive research, in addition to leveraging the latest technology.

We also focus on life underwriting as a service rather than a product and have developed a process to quickly produce consistent, evidence-based life expectancy reports. Contact ISC Services to see how we can more accurately describe your clients’ expected retirement timelines and improve your financial advisory practice today.

Organization is key to helping your clients successfully navigate their financial future. With eMoney, Wrike, and our own LE assessments, you can significantly streamline your workload and provide your clients with stronger service and a focused approach to their finances. When you organize, both you and your clients realize a better financial future.